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psychic world title test copy.png

Psychic World saga

Psychic World is about a world called (Yrec Rem) in a alternate reality. The in this reality psychic powers are real. We focus on a world awakening to its powers. A world that is about to pulled into a war spanning realities and time. 


Magic World


(Narut Sa ) A world one time the empire of a Highly technical culture. Now fallen to a primitive times. Where electricity was the norm. Magic now is the technology. This worlds fall is only the beginning. We come to a time before a another great war of magic. This one may be the last.

cyborgworld test2.png

Cyborged World 


(Su Ven) Welcome to a world that is a grave yard  of fallen warships and empires. World  broken and mined to the core. The sky is full of wreckage and graves. Ruled by those cyborges who secured vital supplies. 

A new ruler is about to change this dead world. It will become the living machine world. 

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